‘I miss you’: Man sings via video chat to father suffering from dementia, dying of COVID-19

Kenneth Keene Jr. of Pennsylvania had a heartbreaking final moment over video chat with his father, who had been experiencing dementia and was also suffering from COVID-19.

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Keene’s father, Kenneth Keene Sr., can be seen in a video that was recorded on May 9, listening to his son singing.

“It’s really good to see you, I miss you,” Keene Jr. can be heard telling his father, in between singing a variety of songs to him during the call.

Every once in a while, Keene Sr. can be seen turning his head and looking toward the screen at his son and chuckling.

“I know dad, it’s not easy,” Keene Jr. can be heard saying to his father. “You’re doing good. Dad, it’s really good to see you. You know, you’re a funny, friendly guy.”

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Keene Jr. had been documenting his father’s health journey, and as his father entered his final weeks, he decided to have a call via video chat because he was not able to visit his father in person due to the pandemic.

Keene Sr. has since passed away and his son shared the eulogy he delivered in his father’s honor on May 25.

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