‘I really need a haircut’: 4-year-old’s adorable plea for a trim captured on video

A shaggy-haired 4-year-old from Pennsylvania was recorded by his mother adorably pleading for a haircut from his regular hair salon and declining his mother’s offer for a DIY trim amid his regular salon’s closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Do you mind if I can get a haircut?” Jason Knorr inquired in the video. “My hair is getting really long and I don’t like it this way. I really need a haircut. Can you get me a haircut and squeeze me in?”

Jason even suggests that they “wear a mask or something” so stylists can cut his hair safely.

“We’ll figure something out buddy,” his mother, Christine, is heard saying in the video. “Maybe mommy will cut your hair. You want mommy to cut your hair?”

Jason answered his mom with an emphatic, “No.”

His mom then suggested a buzz cut, prompting Jason to continue to plead for the “salon keepers,” which is what Jason appears to call hair stylists, to do it instead of his mom.

She reassured Jason that they will “figure something out” after notifying the disheartened child that the salon was closed.

Lauren-Nicole’s hair salon, where Jason typically gets his hair trimmed, happened to see the video and posted it to their Facebook page with the caption:

“This kid hits us right in the feels. We can't wait to see you again Jason.”

Storyful contributed to this story.