'I think we hit!': Washtenaw County woman wins $288,903 Michigan Lottery prize on husband's birthday

A Washtenaw County woman and her husband are celebrating a big Michigan Lottery win that happened on his birthday.

Kristin Murawski, 46, matched the winning Fantasy 5 numbers on July 21 – 21-23-25-34-38 – to win the big prize after stopping to get a ticket at Red Party Store at 14136 Oakville Waltz Rd. in Willis. 

"I like to play Fantasy 5 when the jackpot gets over $150,000," she said. "We made a quick stop at Red’s, and I saw the jackpot was way past $150,000, so I grabbed a ticket."

On the way home, the couple stopped at their neighbor's house to celebrate her husband's birthday.

"While we were there, my brother-in-law texted my husband the winning numbers. As I was looking at them, I kept yelling: ‘I think we hit! I think we hit!’ My husband looked at the ticket and his jaw dropped," Murawski said.

Murawski plans to pay student loans and then invest the remainder of the winnings.