ICE agents eat at Ann Arbor restaurant, then arrest three of their employees

Some ICE agents sat down for breakfast at an Ann Arbor restaurant and then went back to the kitchen and arrested several employees.

The raid happened at Savas in Ann Arbor. The owner is outraged at the raid, but FOX 2 has learned that some of her staff may have been breaking the law.

"It's scary and everyone is shaken up by it.", said Sava Lelcaj-Farah, restaurant owner.

Around 11:30 Wednesday morning at least five agents from immigration custom enforcement entered the restaurant looking for someone who wasn't working at the time.

The ICE agents bellied up to the bar for the breakfast. They got their waffles with a clear view of the kitchen and that's when things took a turn.

Other agents stood guard at the front and back exits according to workers at the restaurant.

One employee, Carlos, went out back to take out the trash and he was detained by officers.

He was able to show the proper documentation according to the owner of Savas.

"It was a mistaken identity which is really sad for us. This is supposed to be a sanctuary for our employees and they are to feel safe and protected and of course that didn't happen today."

Meanwhile, three other employees tried to leave the restaurant.

"Three members of the team went for the front door. Wanted out of the building."

However ICE agents say the three workers arrested all broke the law. Two of them entered the country illegally and the other overstayed a visa.

The restaurant owner says she uses a third party to vet their hires.

"We of course respect the law but we understand that there are certain situations that we are not aware of."

When we spoke with the owner she seemed to be under the impression the three arrested would also be released, however ICE stands by the arrests saying they were taken into custody lawfully.