If you feel sick, doctors advise to stay home - unless it's severe

Anyone who starts to feel sick can begin to feel anxious and look for help. health experts don't want everyone rushing to the doctor's office.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but if you are showing symptoms of having the coronavirus don't go to a clinic because you could infect others. Isolate yourself at home and pick up the phone. 

With covid-19 cases skyrocketing, doctors are sending out a warning. If you have symptoms stay at home and call your healthcare provider or hotline number set up by the state. 

"Those numbers can actually guide them as to the screening process and the triaging process of these patients, whether they need to be tested." said Dr. Teena Chopra, DMC Harper Hospital.

If you're an elderly person or another high risk patient and you develop symptoms, you should also stay at home and call your doctor. 

"They will be triage, they will be separated to an area for protection, and they can be tested. if they have minor symptoms they may be asked to self-isolate themselves at home,” Chopra said.

If you have symptoms of another illness, like the common cold or flu - experts say take care of yourself, stay home until you're feeling better, but not 14 days. 

"Getting into a healthcare facility or getting in touch with somebody in contact with their own family members or friends is not the right thing to do. We need to buy time so our care facilities are not overwhelmed, our healthcare system is not overwhelmed."

Doctors are emphasizing to practice social distancing and washing your hands. They say if you are having severe symptoms, that is when you should call 911.