Impact of canceled Dream Cruise already being felt on Woodward

The Woodward Dream Cruise was supposed to be this weekend until the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to be canceled.

Businesses in the area are already feeling the impact.

"It is not going to be the same this year, unfortunately," said Rose Hentley, Chicken Shack.

Saturday was to have been the 26th annual Woodward Dream Cruise with all kinds of people attending. So far this week in the days leading up to it, the people are not there. 

"(Usually we have) people from all over the United States, Mexico, Hawaii, you name it," said Paul Rebmann. "And it's just not happening because of the virus everybody is staying away."

Covid canceled the Dream Cruise and businesses are hurting. Juan Garcia at the Red Coat Tavern, says the line is usually out the door in the days leading up to the cruise.

"The bar would be full, the parking lot would be full," said Garcia, the corporate manager. "This is a brand new thing for us."

Hentley said there are still a few classic car fans out and about.

"They're going to linger out and have fun and play regardless," she said.

Maybe but there are not the usual long lines to get into the Chicken Shack.  

"The cruisers will still be out, Detroit is cars," said Steve Pasteiner, Owner of Pasteiner's.  "We might do better, Friday is better for us, because people can pull into our parking lot and park. During the cruise, we do our own gatherings and normally we do hot dogs we give away, but there's no parking."

Pasteiner's in Birmingham has been selling classic car replicas for years to real car people. There are special deals this year.

FOX 2: "I understand you're selling you a red Corvette for $39.95?"

"Yes, if you can't get one from the dealership we will get you satisfied and the temptation until you get one," quipped Pasteiner nudging a red corvette model forward on the counter.

"We'll still be open, we'll still be busy, and taken care of everybody and having fun doing it," said Hentley.

And maybe that's the real spirit of the Dream Cruise anyway.