Inside United Sound, where some of Aretha's hits were born

From the recording studio to the stage - Aretha Franklin made music that will live forever and some of her hits were born in a Detroit home that's one of the oldest independent recording studios in the country.

We may never know who was zooming who, but we can certainly tell you where the question from her was first raised. It all started at United Sound Systems on Second Ave. in Detroit.

"He got her back into the studio and she started recording and the album was 'Who's Zoomin Who' was recorded here," Alex Alexander said. 

It's been a haven for hitmakers like Marvin Gaye, Parliament Funkadelic and, yes, the Queen of Soul.

"She also recorded 'Sister's with Ourselves with the Eurhtymics," Alexander said. "A whoopi Goldberg movie was 'Jumpin Jack Flash' and one of the songs was 'Jumpin Jack Flash' that Aretha did with Keith Richards and Ron Wood."

"Mostly your engineers would be here, your artists would sit back and listen to the playback here. So everything you see, as far as the acoustics - was made for getting sound," Alexander said. "This has been restored to how the studio looked back then."

Those old vibes are inspiring a new generation of hitmakers, like hometown hip hop producer Hulluva. He's crafting his sounds here and has worked with rap royalty like Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and Detroit's own T-Grizzly.

"For me this is the best place to come up with creative energy because I know that people like Aretha Franklin and George Clinton were here in these same rooms that I work in and they were coming up with some of the best songs that we've ever heard. So I try to soak up some of that good energy and put out positive music," Helluva said.

A public open house and special tribute is set for Sunday from 4 to 6 at United Sound Systems.