Integr8 conference on cutting edge of tech in Detroit

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The Automation Alley’s Integr8 4.0 conference and Smart Tech expo was held in Detroit this past Wednesday. 

Close to 800 people came to the conference to see a new product from Soft Robotics. The product is a robot with balloon hands that can work in a factory and has the ability to grip anything. 

“There is no moving parts,” said Anthony Leo of Soft Robotics. “It’s just like you’re filling a finger like a balloon and the balloon is surrounding the product you put it around. We are the first to come up with the soft technology.” 

The wearable product scanner was also at the conference, The scanner is meant to make things smoother for anyone working in the factory. 

“It has an embedded trigger mechanism and a barcode scanner that’s attached to it,” said Integ8 speaker, Adam Brown. “It’s lightweight and a great replacement to traditional barcode scanners. Imagine a scan gun, operators pick it up and setting it down repeatedly throughout the day, it’s a tiresome effort so this is a wearable solution to that.” 

Automation Alley was proud to bring this conference to the home of manufacturing. 

“Think artificial intelligence, big data, 3-D printing, modeling, virtual reality, augmented reality, It’s all coming to manufacturing and Michigan is a manufacturing state,” said Tom Kelly of Automation Alley.

So in a town that started the second industrial revolution, it is hoping to always be front seat when it comes to digital. 

“We are technology here in Detroit,” said Kyle Rushing of CR Engineering. “That’s what we are, we are here to show that we are manufacturing in Michigan, manufacturing in the United States.”