Internet applauds Fla. dad who bought groceries for his ex

Trying to co-parent with your ex can be unpleasant at times, and maybe even messy. One father in Florida, though, is getting a lot of attention for going above and beyond for his ex for the sake of their daughter.

Brandon Carpenter recently posted on Facebook that he bought his ex a few weeks' worth of groceries after noticing her refrigerator was basically empty.

Brandon went over to his ex's house when he heard his daughter wasn't feeling well. He brought over some medicine, and noticed the fridge was empty. Her pantry, though, was full of food, formula and snacks for their daughter.

So, Brandon headed to the store and stocked up on food for his ex and his daughter.

"Just because we aren't together doesn't mean I can't provide for her if she needs it," Brandon wrote. "If my child's mother is good then I know she is taking care of our daughter the best she can and that makes me happy."

Brandon's post, which features a photo of his long receipt, has been shared more than 160,000 times. Thousands of people across the country have also left comments calling Brandon a "good man" and say he is setting a great example for his daughter.