Internet of Things conference displays changing field of technology

Peek through the headset of a virtual reality lens, and your world becomes digitized.

Popularized for the purpose of video games, companies have rebranded this new technology for a not-so-expected job: workplace training.

"If you don't have to train somebody, they can have all that learning experience before they get onto the job," said Greg Melling.

Coming from Unity Technology, Melling describe a company that has repurposed software that has made its way onto 3 billion devices in the world. Melling is also one of the presenters at the Internet of Things conference, which will champion these adaptions of technology for different jobs.

"It's just an exciting time to see what is up in tech from Detroit," said Terry Bean, director of the conference. "From the city that put the world on wheels, now we are going to get them connected too."

That statement hits closer to home than some might think. 

Also presenting at the conference is Robert Bollinger, who will be discussing 'getting out of your comfort zone.' Bollinger, of Bollinger Motors knows all about the process, after hybridizing the world of electricity for SUVs.

"They would come up and they would say 'oh my, this is electric. That doesn't make sense, are you kidding me?'" he said. "And if you stayed with them long enough to talk to them, by the time they left that conversation they thought 'okay, I will follow you.'"

And what technology conference wouldn't be complete without data privacy?

"If you want to leverage heart monitors or share patient data or virtual reality or do production simulation, you need to make sure that in a productive society, all of those things are encrypted and authenticated and secure from a cyber-perspective," said Jim Hebler, of Pulse Secure.

Organizers plan to use 15 percent of the profits from the event and donate it back to the Michigan Science Center, which is hosting the 2019 conference. Scheduled for April 29, you can learn more information and check for tickets by clicking here.