Investigators search home for evidence in River Rouge man's suspicious disappearance

Michigan state police are using a forensic lab while searching this home for evidence related to the disappearance of Michael Stratford, a single father from River Rouge whose been missing for nine days.

People woke up to the search on Sunday morning on Brian Street in Taylor.

"It was probably 7:30, 8 o'clock in the morning and my windows literally shook," said neighbor Melissa Fisher Chebli.

FOX 2 spoke to his mother earlier this week, who doesn't know how to tell her granddaughter that dad isn't home.

"She'll stand at the top of the steps and say, 'Daddy, I'm here,' and he's not coming down," said Carrie Bommarito, Stratford's mother.

One neighbor said she saw a man taken away in handcuffs a few days ago and a woman taken into the custody on Sunday. Police also found Stratford's motorcycle at the home when they made the first arrest.

"The day they took the missing man's motorcycle, they did have the male who owns that house in cuffs along with his trunk being sniffed by dogs and everything else like that," Fisher Chebli said. "There was an older woman taken today."

FOX 2 spoke to the mother of Stratford again Sunday, and she is waiting to get confirmation from investigators on what they found at the home.