iPhone trick makes it easier to fix your typos

Every iPhone user knows most of the same tricks - double tap space for a period, using airplane mode to charge faster - but a new one that makes it easier to drop your cursor has kinda blown our minds (well, it's new to us at least).

If you've ever misspelled a word while texting on your iPhone and try to go back, you know it can be a challenge. You fight with the dropping the magnifying glass in exactly the right spot, then you're wrong and you end up deleting the entire word and just retyping it.

There's a way to prevent the frustration. All you have to do is hold down the space bar and you can move it wherever you want.

It's so much easier than using the magnifying glass. 

When was it implemented? We don't know. 
Has it always been hidden in the iOS? Maybe! 
Did it change your life? No. 
Is it actually mind blowing? Nope. But it's helpful!