Israelis come to Menorah in the D to share stories of Hamas war where their parents were kidnapped

The City of Detroit is getting ready to celebrate Hannukah with Menorah in the D.  It's usually a time of joy, but this year it is taking on a heavier meaning.

Yair Moses described to FOX 2 what he and other Israelis are going through during the war with Hamas.

"For us, it’s a hell that’s been happening for two months now, and we don’t know when it will end." said Moses.

On the eve of Hanukkah, Moses and Ella Ben-Ami shared what happened when terrorists captured their parents two months ago in Israel.

"On the morning of October 7th, we heard a lot of missiles," said Ella. "It’s usual, we weren’t scared. But then there was a message we need to stay in the shelter because there is a terrorist.

"We were in the shelter and I spoke with my mom and dad. Then, they said there were terrorists inside the home, and they’re breaking a lot of stuff and making a mess."

"Yeah, I’m in the safe room and everything is okay," said Yair. "Then we started to hear that the terrorists came inside the kibbutz, and we didn’t get any response from them anymore."

Despite their tragic stories being so similar, Ella and Yair had just met each other in Downtown Detroit Wednesday - thousands of miles from their home country.

They flew here to share their stories with Metro Detroit for Menorah in the D on Thursday.

"We came from Israel. It’s a lot of hours of flight, and we are strong, but we can’t do this alone," he said.

Hamas freed both of their mothers - but that joy is short-lived while each are now waiting for their fathers to come home.

On her shirt — Ella wears a photo of her dad taken the day before he was captured.

Yair wears keepsakes from his family to keep his father close — especially as we begin Hanukkah.

"My name Yair meaning in Hebrew is enlight. I really hope that I will be able to do light and we need everyone will give us a little light and together we will get a huge light to overcome the darkness that came over us two months ago," he said.

"I need my dad to turn on the fire and the candle for Hanukkah," Ella said. "He always does it. That always is his job, and I need him to celebrate this holiday with me."

Lately, the FBI has talked about an increased threat to America because of the conflict in the Middle East.

Locally, Detroit police say they’ll be ready for anything that could happen at Menorah in the D. There will be an increased police presence. Some officers you’ll see and some you won’t.

DPD says this won’t detract from families having an enjoyable time.

Ella Ben-Ami, left, and Yair Moses.

Ella Ben-Ami, left, and Yair Moses.