It's not just you: It really HAS rained more often on weekends

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It hasn't rained steadily in this part of Michigan for a few months but relief is finally here. Naturally, it's coming on the weekend - and if that seems par for the course, you're right! Rain has been more likely to fall on the weekends - at least, this year.

I've heard it a lot over the last few weeks: "Hey weatherman, can't you make the weather better for the weekend?!  You always have rain in the forecast!"

Ok, first off, don't blame the messenger.  And second, I didn't realize it felt that way. I had to dig into the numbers to find out if this was true.

We started back on May 1 and looked all the way until July 19th. We wanted to know two things:
A) If the rain came mostly on the weekends 
B) Which days were the best and the worst so far this summer.

What did we find? The data shows that our weekends have indeed been rainier than our work weeks! Terrible, I know.  

When we took each weekend and grouped it as both Saturday and Sunday we found that there was rain on 73% of weekends so far this summer! That's 3 out of every 4 weekends, rain has fallen. 

Sunday was the wettest and rainiest day of all of them! It has rained 61% of Sundays since the first of May. That isn't ideal.

So when has it been the nicest? If you've felt like the best weather has occurred during the week while you've been cooped up at the office, you're absolutely right! After compiling all the data, we found that it has only rained 50% of the time during the week - much less than the weekend. In fact, the driest of the week, since May 1 was Tuesdays with rain only happening 30 percent of the time.

Go figure.