It's the 'Deeetroit Pistons Vs Everybody' in new ad campaign

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The TV ads haven't been released locally yet, but when they do - you'll see something very familiar. 

"My name is Tommey Walker and I am the creator of the brand, Detroit Vs Everybody."  

Tommey Walker's work is well-known. You've heard his Detroit Vs Everybody mantra. He came up with it in 2012. Now the Detroit Pistons are using it but adding a few 'e's to Detroit to match their slogan -- "Deeetroit Vs. Everybody."

"It just makes me feel immense pride to be chosen by such a powerhouse as the Detroit Pistons to represent their campaign and it's such a cool campaign I haven't seen something so cool in a long time," he said.

The new ad will begin airing in the coming days and weeks. The man who narrated the commercial is a Detroiter through and through.  

Musician B Free went from jotting notes about life on paper, to spoken word and now he's on the radio with his music, even playing at the home of the Pistons at Little Caesars Arena. Now he's starring in the latest Pistons ad. 

"Being here, being right in the heart of Detroit right on Woodward, you know, I am here to tell the story. It's definitely an experience," he said.  

But the experience for fans is something that may need a little reviving up.  

With some star power but lackluster losses, the Pistons know that moves like the one we heard today-with free agent guard Derrick Rose agreeing to a two-year, $15 million deal to join the team-are key to reshaping the organization into underdogs that bust out some wins.

"Our basketball operations team is continuing to make changes to get better as a team, and we are looking forward to what might come with our new pick," said Alicia Jeffreys, Detroit Pistons.

Doner advertising is taking that challenge seriously but reminding everyone of this:

"Even when the Pistons were winning they were still discounted," said Marcus Collins, Doner Advertising. "When they were the Bad Boys, they played too dirty. When we were in the 'going to work years', it wasn't flashy enough basketball. The Pistons have always been discounted, and much like the city of Detroit has been. 

"So the idea of Deeetroit basketball isn't just the rally cry that we say at games but it represents the spirit of the city and the people are a part of. "