James Beck's ex-wife talks abuse and how CPS failed

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James Beck's ex-wife talks to FOX 2 about her history with Beck and his abusive ways.

"I'm half to blame for not stepping up when i should have. He was emotionally mentally and verbally abusive to all of us."

We will call her Wendy. She did not want to show her face to protect her kids, but she says she fell for Beck in 1991.

"I met him in January. By March we were living together then pregnant by April with our oldest son."

Soon after she said the warning signs that are so easy to see in hindsight started to appear.  It started with Beck's 16-year-old daughter.

"She put on Facebook that her Dad was hurting her and someone needs to help."

By 2011 "Wendy" filed for divorce from Beck.

"I was fighting for the kids. I knew he was abusive but he was so damn charming and he can make you see the sky as purple."

Her daughter, fathered by Beck, made allegations of sexual misconduct with Beck as well but she said it was hard to convince child protective services 

"It was her word versus his. It was dropped. The young kids had to go back and continue seeing him."

"Wendy" said that in 2013 her third child came forward with claims of abuse. By now she was losing her grip on reality.

"I fell apart physically, mentally and emotionally. I didn't talk to family friends no one. I lived two years without talking to anyone."

She admitted that she gave up on CPS because she lost her faith in the system. Then in 2015 CPS approached her.

"I told them what I thought of her. She said I understand but your kids are still there please talk to me."

Another victim came forward. It was someone unrelated to her.

"She told "Wendy" I don't need to bring your kids into this. I have enough to put him away for good. He's not going to see the light of day by the time I'm done."

That case would result in a mistrial and while waiting for the new trial date the latest allegation of a sexual attack took place. The one that prompted "Wendy" to speak with FOX 2.

"He never needs to see the light of day because he will hurt another child. It's just a matter of time."

Beck was arrested after an alleged sexual assault on a 12-year-old girl at his Chesterfield mobile home. 

He is currently in jail awaiting his next day in court.