Jennifer Crumbley's sentencing could vary, attorney says

Sentencing is the next step for the mother of the convicted Oxford High School shooter, Jennifer Crumbley, who was found guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter. 

Jonathon Marko has watched the trial of Jennifer Crumbley closely as a criminal defense attorney, though he was not on the Crumbley case. 

"Each count has a statutory maximum of 15 years but what happens is they all run at the same time," Marko said. "So the general rule is it’s not going to be 15+15+15+15. It’s going to be a maximum of 15 years."

Marko says there are many variables that the judge will look at when determining a sentence that fits within the set guidelines.

"There’s all kinds of different things – like the heinousness of the crime, was it part of a criminal enterprise… is there mitigating factors that come in that could reduce it," Marko said. "Those are going to be scored up and in a case like this, given the gravity of it, I would not be surprised to see a high sentence. If the judge wants, the judge could depart upwards and increase it. But remember, 15 is still going to be the max for that crime."

The nation watched as Oakland County prosecutors delved into Jennifer's personal life – including her extramarital affairs and spending time with horses. They aimed to show that she was too busy focusing on other things instead of her son’s mental health and the high risk of a tragedy that could have been prevented. 


Jennifer Crumbley found guilty in landmark mass shooting case; when will she be sentenced?

Jennifer Crumbley was found guilty on all charges related to the Oxford High School Shooting.

Marko says much of the prosecution's technique could fit into future trials involving the parents of school shooters, but not necessarily all. It’s one reason why the Crumbley case is historic.

"I think that’s a case by case basis," Marko said. "Different judges make different evidentiary rulings. Judges are given wide latitude with regards to what evidence can come in and can’t come in. There is a lot of gray area."

Jennifer's sentencing is scheduled for April 9 at 9 a.m.