Jewerly store Rolex smash and grab leads to high speed chases, crashes

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A smash and grab at an east side jewelry store led to a high speed chase and two police chases.

The heist for Rolex watches began at  Lucido Fine Jewelry in Sterling Heights at Schoenherr Road and 19 Mile leading to a multi-jurisdiction chase.

Five suspects in two U-Haul pickup trucks were used at the store with two men staying outside the front door and three walking inside.  What follows is terrifying.

"Three guys walked in the door with a sledge hammer, smashed the case five times," said Joe Lucido. "(They) grabbed watches and ran out the door. They took six pieces and ruined our showcases."

The sales associates hit the panic button alerting Sterling Heights police but the thieves worked quickly.

"They know Rolexes, they can get a $1,000 for them, watches are worth $30,000," Lucido said.

One U-Haul heads south and crashes into two vehicles where they ran a red light at 13 Mile and Schoenherr in Warren. The crash scene unfolded here on video as employees looked on from Bee Bee's  Liquor store.

Two guys fled the scene as the U-Haul crashed. A second identical U-Haul pickup is involved and headed to 11 Mile and Dequindre in Madison Heights ending with another violent crash, hitting a Chevy Trailblazer.

Fox 2 cameras were rolling as this jewelry heist loses all its glitter - one of the suspects is handcuffed under arrest, another is already handcuffed in the back of a squad car.

A third suspect was injured at the crash scene is transported by ambulance he's in police custody en route to the hospital.

At 11 Mile and Dequindre the suspects threw the Rolexes out of the window. Police at the scene a short while ago could be seen picking up the watches by the side of the road.

Four suspects are under arrest and one hospitalized after one of the crashes.

Police tracked one of the suspects on foot, using two K-9 units to arrest him.