Jimmy John's robbery nets accused Kansas crooks just $2

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Nathaniel James and Anthony Reed are accused of robbing employees at a Kansas Jimmy John's of just $2.

A couple of suspected crooks in Kansas are behind bars and accused of robbing a Jimmy Johns where they got away with just $2.

The Pittsburg Morning Sun reports that two men are accused of forcing three Jimmy John's employees to the floor Monday night. Police tol the paper that just before 11 p.m., Anthony Reed, 20, and Nathaniel James, 19, entered the rear of the restaurant wearing masks. One was holding a baseball and the other was holding what looked like a gun.

Night manager Seth Cheney said they demanded he open the register and the safe. When he said he couldn't open either, they demanded cash from the Pittsburg sandwich shop's employees.

Cheney says two of them had empty wallets and a third had $3.

Then he said the suspects demanded they make them a sandwich but left before it was completed and wrapped up.

A responding officer spotted two men riding away from the area on bicycles. Reed stopped when told to do so by police and was arrested. James hopped off his bike and tried to run away one foot.

Police caught up to him and arrested him right next to the police department.

Arresting officers recovered an airsoft pistol, baseball bat and $2. The Morning Sun reports that the suspects are believed to have dropped one of the dollars when they left the scene.

Both are being held on a $25,000 bond.

Information from the Associated Press and The (Pittsburg, Kan.) Morning Sun