Job fair for Cannabis Park in Pontiac plans to hire hundreds as part of state's new pot industry

Pot is expected to be big business in Michigan and hundreds of jobs are up for grabs.

A job fair was held Tuesday focused on opportunities at the Cannabis Park designed to have a cultivation center and processing facility in Pontiac.

"If it creates jobs and opportunities, it's a win," said Mike Payette.

Payette joined other job seekers at a job fair looking for a potential opportunity at the Cannabis Park. 

"We are going to start off with two shifts now and maybe even three," said Katina Colton, Pharmaco Inc. "And that is where the majority of those jobs are going to be."
The Cannabis Park is part of a larger vision at Glenwood Plaza in Pontiac, a business center that has sat vacant for decades.

If Rubicon Capital's proposal is approved by the city of Pontiac, a state of the art, community development will be built there which will include a grocery store, and be anchored by a Cannabis development in the back of the center.

"We're pretty excited about the project, we've done a lot of legwork to this point, we think it works perfect for the community, works great for the city, works great for us - and when everyone wins it is usually a good deal," said Manni Feraiuolo of Rubicon.

The company that will operate the Cannabis Park plans to hire hundreds of workers and they are looking for workers from Pontiac and workers who have cannabis-related felonies or misdemeanor convictions are encouraged to apply.

"It's going to be the Harvest Associates, people that pick, trim and package the plants," said Cotton. "You are going to need harvest supervisors."

"I know a lot about marijuana, I think it would be a good job," said Damauri Handsor.
"I have always been in the manufacturing and fast food industries and this is something new to me, I am hoping to learn new things," said Kareem Henderson.

For more information, contact Katrina Cotton of Pharmaco Inc. at 248-767-5024. You must be at least 21 to apply.