Judge under investigation for sexually explicit remarks to women attorneys in court

Wayne County Judge Bruce Morrow is being charged with judicial misconduct.

A complaint was filed by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission alleging Morrow used inappropriate sexually graphic language with two female attorneys.

"It's kind of an unusual case, at least the allegations are, the case has not been decided at this point, charges are being brought. According to the charges, if you believe the charges, this judge certainly acted in a grossly inappropriate matter," said Larry Dubin, professor of law emeritus, University of Detroit Mercy.

According to the complaint, in June of 2019 Morrow was presiding over a murder trial.

During a break, the 3rd Circuit Court judge allegedly walked over to a female assistant prosecutor and started asking her sexually explicit questions that had nothing to do with the case.

Much of what is alleged is too graphic, but one of the questions was allegedly, "Would you want foreplay before or after sex?"

"I think it's easy to understand how the women were placed in a position of being very uncomfortable by the language used by the judge toward them, assuming these allegations are believed to be true," said Dubin.

Judge Bruce Morrow

The case is under review. The Michigan Supreme Court will ultimately decide what will happen.

"Discipline can be anything from a reprimand to being removed from the bench and anything in between," Dubin said. "There could be a temporary suspension, anything in that potential range."

FOX 2 reached out to the judge's office, but there was no reply for comment by the deadline for this report.