Kevra: Why do we always get the worst Halloween weather?

Doesn't it always seem like the worst weather arrives just in time for Halloween?!  It ruins everything!  I mean look at me, 25 years ago in that sweet Batman costume that I had to cover up with a heavy coat.

Or at least, I think I had to cover it up. Because you see, the memory is a funny thing

Everyone thinks Halloween was terrible when they were a kid. But was it?  I dug into every Halloween since 1960 and here's what I found.

Halloween in the 1960s was actually pretty normal with many holidays in the 50s and 60s.  it did get a little cold Halloween night in 1968 though.

The 1970s varied a whole lot more.  Each year seemed to volley from mild, to cold, to mild to cold while 1976 was a real rough year as snowflakes mixed into a day with a high of only 46 degrees.

In the 1980s things again leveled out, with many Halloweens right near 60 for a high and little rain.  But many will remember 1988 when it rained and then plummeted to a low of 27 degrees.

Kids in the 1990s will think they remember cold and rainy Halloween nights and they would be right. The decade was sandwiched with nice Halloweens, but every year in the middle was cold. Especially 1993 when it snowed.

Millennials who went trick or treating in the 2000s won't understand when people complain about rough trick or treating weather, they've had it easy.  By far the best decade, there were two Halloweens in the 70s!

But kids today, well, they are the ones we should feel bad for.  Since 2010 it's been cold, rainy and sleety, especially in 2014.

As for my Batman costume that was Halloween 1989. With a temp in the low 50s my mom would never let me leave the house just like that. That's the wildcard here. Moms, they'll always make you put on a coat.