Kid Rock under fire for use of Confederate Flag

The debate over the Confederate Flag has moved beyond court houses - and into concert tours.

Kid Rock, who has used the flag during his performances, is under the spotlight.

Detroit's bad boy says he's never used the flag as a symbol of hate.

One of the exhibitions in The Detroit Historical Society is the Kid Rock Music Lab. The Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network argues his name should be removed from the exhibit if he doesn't take a public stand against the flag. 

"If the Historical Museum allows his name to stay on there, then what they're saying is consenting to this attitude and this promotion of the flag that we feel is a hate symbol," says Rev. Charles Williams III of the Network. 

Meanwhile, The Detroit Historical Society released a statement saying, "There are no displays of Confederate Flag in the Kid Rock Music Lab or anywhere else inside the Detroit Historical Museum."

The flag's use has been a hot topic in social and political debates, and many politicians and businesses have distanced themselves from the Confederate Flag.