Kids-only yoga studio opens in Birmingham

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A one-of-its-kind yoga studio is opening and it is just for kids.

In a recent class, the children were ferocious lions and their jungle is a new kid’s yoga studio in Birmingham.

Born Yoga is the brain child of Ashley Goldberg whose own childhood was filled with health challenges. She fought bone cancer - twice. 

Most of her left femur has been replaced with a metal rod.

"I walk with a limp and I have a 13-inch scar," Goldberg said. "But I'm proud of it; it's my sign of courage."

Courage and confidence - that's what Ashley discovered when she found yoga many years ago.

"I could do it," she said. "It wasn't competitive. But I was part of a community that I never felt like I had before."

And that's what she wants to bring to metro Detroit children. A place for them to learn poses, breathing and endurance.

For 8-year-old Ozzy, that means he's a better athlete.

"I feel like the stretches are making my muscles bigger and stronger," he said.

"It makes me healthy and I get to stretch doing it," said a little girl.

A monitor shows parents what happens inside the yoga studio and the goal is that it will change what happens outside.

"Life is very fragile, yoga just makes you more mindful of yourself and how you affect others," Goldberg said.

Born Yoga is on Cole Street in Birmingham and it is celebrating its grand opening on Saturday, Sept. 12. Kids of all ages and all abilities are welcome to check it out, and pick up a class schedule.

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