Kids with cancer treated by doctor to Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker in Detroit

A holiday treat allowed several kids to take a little holiday from cancer.

Six kids, all cancer patients or survivors from Beaumont Hospital, were treated to a day out at the ballet.

They got a meet-and-greet with the Moscow Ballet before the Great Russian Nutcracker performance Sunday at the Fox Theatre. They were all treated by radiation oncologist Dr. Peter Chen, who also treated them in the hospital.

"So yearly I try to get an event for the children with cancer to celebrate life after their treatments, and that includes radiation, and so I looked at all the venues possible this year and I thought the most appropriate would be the Moscow Ballet Nutcracker," he said.

Every year Dr. Chen likes to do something special for his pediatric patients to celebrate them and celebrate their lives. On this day, they celebrated the season, too. 

"It's the caring that I want to express to the kids, that we really care about them, and if we can get them out into a life of normalcy that's the most important part," Dr. Chen said. "In the spirit of Christmas is so uplifting and I thought the timing was perfect." 

For Heather Fairbanks, whose son Liam has brian cancer, the show means so much.  

"It's a beautiful thing. This journey can be really tough so when we can take a moment to just sit back and appreciate family and appreciate just a beautiful ballet, it's really a great day," she said.

And for Liam it's a day he won't soon forget.   

"It just sort of helps for an extra boost in general and just kind of helps you keep on going through the challenges that we face," he said.  

As the kid and their families settled into their seats to watch a show of joy and peace, the hope of the holidays is what really stood out.

The Moscow Ballet put on two performances Sunday at the Fox Theatre. From here, the show goes on to Indianapolis and Tennessee.