Lake Orion resuming school activities with extra security due to former student concerns

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Lake Orion schools cancelled all summer activities for the second day in a row as police searched for a missing teen believed to be armed with a stolen gun.

The district plans to resume activities Wednesday with increased security due to a 16-year-old Nathan Greiwe, on a weekend pass from Oakland County Children's Village who ran off on foot Monday morning. More concerning, is that police believe he may have his grandfather's gun and ammunition. 

"He's had a rough upbringing so we're concerned about him," said Chris Barnett, Orion Township Supervisor.

He's been taken care of by his grandparents since his parents have had legal troubles. 

"Certainly, somebody knows where he is," Barnett said.

Court records show that Nathan Charles Greiwe was found incorrigible in 2015, meaning he didn't follow his grandparents' rules. 

But in June, 2016 he stole his grandfather's gun, a knife, and some cell phones and attempted to sell them for money.   He was then ordered to stay in Children's Village.

And by June of this year, he was making progress and set to be released soon. But on June 19 Greiwe was home on a weekend pass when this incident happened. There is speculation he may have wanted to go to his old school.

"Potentially he may have wanted to go to football tryouts when you got out of Children's Village," said Barnett.

But no signs of him. Instead however, the school dismissed all children from summer programs, athletic practices and other events Monday and Tuesday as a precautionary measure.

"I'm glad we're erring on the side of caution," said Abby Buchanan, who lives near Lake Orion High School. "We live in this neighborhood and we're just on the lookout and being careful."

In a statement, the school district says it is going to cancel all programs events and practices until this young man is apprehended.

"We also know there at the no threats, no suicide notes," Barnett said. "There have been no threats to our school district or anyone in our town,"

Greiwe is 16 years old, 5 feet, 9 inches and weighs 140 pounds with brown hair.  He was possibly wearing black shorts, a white shirt with a Red Wings hoodie.  The sheriff’s department warns that anybody seeing him should call 911.