Lansing PD: 6-day-old baby found dead, mom still missing

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Police in Lansing found the car and the body of the infant sometime Tuesday morning in a section of the city known as ‘Old Town.’ 

But no one is sure where the 35-year-old mom is now. 

A baby girl less than a week old was found abandoned in a silver Toyota Camry parked at the corner of Kilborn street and South Washington, just a mile from the state capitol building. 

Kim Graham was walking her dog around lunch time when she saw two Lansing police officers. 

"On either side of the street and I thought they were talking to each other but they were not. They were just working on their computers. That was about 12:30 this afternoon," she said. 

She says the Toyota was gone by this point, about an hour later so were the police. 

"I looked around to see if there was any activity if something was going on but it was all quiet," Graham said.

Tuesday afternoon Lansing police put out a statement saying they had located the vehicle of Ashley Rae Shade and inside was the body of her six-day-old baby girl. 

The 35-year-old mother was nowhere to be found, 

"Just a tragedy all the way around." Graham said

Initially police put out information on Shade and her daughter Monday evening saying they were missing and endangered, both needing medical care. 

Before making the tragic discovery police say the last place the two were seen was at a strip mall at South Washington and West Holmes.

On social media one person said they had never met Ashley but communicated via Facebook as late as 10:40 p.m. Sunday confirming plans to meet up to buy a pressure cooker from Ashley, 

This person claims police are aware of this interaction. 

Anyone with information on where Ashley Rae Shade is should contact police immediately. 

The cause of death for the 6-day-old baby won’t be known until police get the results of the autopsy back. 

Fox 2 tried reaching out to relative, but we’re told by family friends they aren’t ready to talk, directing all questions to Lansing police at this time.