Law firm to alert drivers about Michigan's most dangerous intersections with billboards

Summer driving in Michigan can be dangerous. 

In fact, Michigan Auto Law, a law firm that specializes exclusively in traffic crashes, says summer is the worst time of year for deadly car crashes. That is why the Ann Arbor law firm is trying to do something about it. 

Soon, drivers may be seeing billboards indicating that they are approaching a deadly intersection – put up by Michigan Auto Law.

The hope is people will slow down and pay more attention if they know danger is lurking.

"The heat – people are ready to get off work. They're flying, inconsiderate, they run those lights," said Tiana Hart, a driver in metro Detroit. "It’s dangerous."

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is being called the "100 deadliest days of summer," according to Michigan Auto Law.

"People are excited, they're ready to get out, see their friends, go to the beach, hang out in the summer time – you just have a little bit more aggressive driving," said the law firm's COO, Brandon Hewitt. "Public places pay attention to this stuff, so they might install new lights, they might reduce limits."

While more crashes tend to happen during the winter, summer crashes are typically more violent and could involve bikes, motorcycles, and younger drivers.

Each year, Michigan Auto Law uses state police crash data to find the most deadly intersections in the state.

"We sort through it and put it all together for public consumption," Hewitt said. "Every year we put that together and just try to do some sort of public service for everybody."

At the top of the list is 11 Mile and Van Dyke, Schoolcraft Road at Telegraph, and Telegraph and 12 Mile.

"You need full coverage living on 11 Mile and Van Dyke," said Tarrel Taylor, another driver. "If you ain't got full coverage, stay off 11 Mile and Van Dyke."

The law firm's study has brought about change in the past, according to Hewitt, whether its roundabouts or Michigan lefts.

This year, cautionary billboards will go up at the dangerous intersections to "let people know they are about to enter one of those dangerous spot," he said.

The billboards are expected to be popping up within the next few days to weeks. 

According to Michigan Auto Law, the most dangerous intersections in Michigan include:

  • 11 Mile Rd. at Van Dyke Ave. in Warren/Centerline
  • Schoolcraft Rd. at Telegraph Rd. in Redford
  • Martin Parkway at North Pontiac Trail Roundabout in Commerce Township
  • 18 ½ Mile Rd. at Van Dyke Ave. in Sterling Heights
  • Telegraph Rd. at 12 Mile Rd. in Southfield
  • 10 Mile Rd. at I-94 in St. Clair Shores
  • US 131 at Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids