Law school graduate holds miniature commencement ceremony in back yard amid pandemic

Alexandra Lenczweski was not going to stand by and have the achievements of her graduating law class go unrecognized amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In lieu of a standard in-person commencement, the recent Brooklyn Law School grad created a miniature ceremony of her own on May 15.

Small images of graduating caps were taped onto student bios, which were held up by small sticks in the grass at the grad’s Connecticut home.

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Looking at all of the images together from afar makes the mini ceremony appear to resemble a conventional commencement, save for actual human attendees.

“Despite the dark times we are going through as a nation, my goal was to remind us not to turn a blind eye to the light in our own backyards,” Lenczewski told Storyful. “I wanted to do whatever I personally could do to ensure that each and every graduating student felt acknowledged for the years of time, tireless effort and tremendous amount of dedication that they all put into earning their law degrees.”

Schools have been opting for delayed or virtual graduation ceremonies as lockdown orders and general social distancing guidelines have made large gatherings essentially impossible. And some celebrities and notable figures have lent their wisdom to this year’s graduating class.

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And while the class of 2020 faces unprecedented economic and career challenges amid the pandemic, Lenczweski’s ceremony, one that appears to be born both out of benevolence as well as boredom, still earns top honors for giving people one of the most inventive graduation rituals yet.