Lawsuit filed by City of Dearborn against scrapyard for 'fugitive dust'

The Mayor of Dearborn says enough is enough - claiming a trucking and scrapyard company has been given 16 citations over something called "fugitive dust" and now it's time to go court.

Abdullah Hammoud when it comes to the business "Pro V" an industrial scrapyard on Wyoming Street, in the south part of the city. The dust has never settled.

"I receive videos and messages all the time about the track out dust and debris they are bringing out into the thoroughfares," said Hammoud.

And those living near the industrial business say they’ve seen the issue first-hand.

"Cloudy, dust, just floats over the area," said one resident. "When you come out in the morning you see an orange dust across your car."

"You would see a plume of orange substance coming up from the back of the company," said Douglas Presly. "It was so bad at one time, that 100 yards away you could not even see the house that was there."

The mayor has a name for what they are describing and a city ordinance against this form of pollution.

"It is what we refer to as fugitive dust - it is one of the greatest menaces to public health," he said. "It is exasperating people’s asthma, COPD, and chronic illnesses, and it’s about time we increase the enforcement."

"My wife has COPD and (if she) wants to come outside with dog in the backyard - sometimes you can’t do that," Presly said.

Mayor Abdullah Hammoud says the city has issued numerous citations including one on April 13th, for excessive pollution,

"We thought enough is enough - they’ve been cited 16 times," he said. "We officially filed today in Circuit Court to shut them down."

A lawsuit filed against Pro V, whose business philosophy is "Treat everyone with respect, and work vigorously to deliver services that exceed expectations with each and every opportunity."

"Our effort is not to try and shut down a company and lose those jobs," Hammoud said. "Our focus is to bring you into compliance ensuring the public health of our residents - and making sure you are operating safely not only for the residents - but also for the employees."

And he says the solution here is simple.

"They have to pave the way, for trucks driving in and out and pave where they do the loading into your trucks to minimize the amount of debris and dust and plumes you are creating," Hammoud said.

"Hopefully they will figure something out here," said Presly.

FOX 2 reached out to Pro V after learning about the lawsuit .. but it was after hours and have yet to hear a reply. We will be sure to update the story if the do get back to us.