Lawyer appeals lawsuit alleging election fraud in Detroit after Wayne Circuit Court dismissal

Following the dismissal from a judge regarding a lawsuit alleging widespread voter fraud in Detroit during the 2020 general election, an attorney has filed an emergency appeal.

Accusing the Wayne County election board of improper ballot tabulation practices, the Great Lakes Justice Center south a reversal of the dismissal on Monday, hoping to suspend the county's certification of the ballots.

The emergency appeal is the latest move by the Trump campaign to invalidate ballots cast in Detroit, which overwhelmingly supported Joe Biden during the election.

Wayne Circuit Court Judge Timothy Kenny issued an opinion Friday afternoon that found "no sinister fraudulent activities" were present in the TCF Center on election day, where mail-in ballots from Wayne County were tabulated.

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Kenny said the plaintiffs alleging fraud were "unable to meet their burden for the relief sought" through the hundreds of affidavits that were submitted along with the case.

He also said it would be "unprecedented" for the court to stop the certification process.

In the GLJC's latest filing, attorney David Kallman said the court's decision failed to enforce state constitutional law that allows voters a request of an audit of the votes, placed too great an emphasis on the "walk-through" that poll watchers were offered when the county showed its tabulation process, and failed to take into account the affidavits provided as testimony.

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“Voters are entitled to the enforcement of their constitutional rights, to know that their elections are conducted in a fair and legal manner, and to ensure every legal vote is properly counted," he said in a statement. "We ask the Court of Appeals to enjoin the certification of this fraudulent election and order a results-oriented audit of the vote in Wayne County.”

The emergency injunction that Kallman is after comes with only a day left before the state certifies its election results, which showed Biden leading President Donald Trump by more than 140,000 votes.