LeAndos in Macomb is best breakfast in Michigan by 'People' magazine

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The most popular breakfast restaurant in Michigan is in Macomb Township, according to People magazine. People picked LeAndos Cafe, on Hall Road in Macomb Township. They say it's a "pancake- palooza" but there's more than just that.

Customers mentioned plenty of other items including the banana cream waffle, red velvet French toast and the sausages. 

LeAndos opened in 2013 as a partnership among friends Andre Sarhan and Jennifer Williams and her family. They were shocked about the People award.

"We were sitting at home and all of a sudden my mom got an email and we freaked out," said Christina Williams, the co-owner's daughter and waitress.

She said they were not expecting to win any awards, but it was also not surprising for this unusual restaurant which boasts specialties like the pumpkin pie crepe.

"Inside and out we put the cinnamon powder and the cinnamon sauce. I think it's one of the best things to eat," said co-owner Andre.

But tragedy struck the family. 

"Well, my brother, it's been about almost two years now, he was in a four-wheeling accident and had a bilateral craniotomy," said Christina Williams. "And nobody in Michigan has ever survived the surgery."

The doctors had to remove both sides of 21-year-old Nathan's skull. The LeAndos' cook fought for his life.

"In the hospital, they said he would probably would never be your brother again," Christina said.

"In the hospital, doctors told him to get the plug off," said Andre.

A lot of therapy, and two years later, Nathan is at home, and recovering, and his dream is to return to the restaurant. 

"You never know, he helped put this menu together so he deserves some credit for it," she said.

We're told Nathan's happy about the People Magazine acknowledgment. And, of course, he's happy with the food -- just like the customers.