Lesson in longevity: 5 residents in Northville senior living center turn 100

Oakmont Independent Senior Living in Northville is celebrating five of its residents who turned 100 or more this year.

"I get a lot of hugs - my voice changed so excited I can't talk," said Anne Quarles. 

Anne Quarles got a lot of special attention as she celebrates her 102nd birthday and what makes it even more special, she is doing it with family and friends and her fellow residents.

A total of five men and women are celebrating their 100 year birthdays.

"It is wonderful," Anne said. "I love all these people surrounding me so precious."

The celebration was complete with special sashes, food, plenty of pictures and some bubbly to toast the monumental occasion.

"It means I am thankful for my family and friends and enjoying life like the good Lord has given me," said Irvin Nadolny.

Irvin, whose mother died from the flu epidemic three weeks after he was born, grew up in Detroit. He talks about the strength it took to live through the depression and serve in World War II. 

His secret to longevity: "Try to maintain my health, and every year I get my physicals and stuff."

But what he cherished the most over the last 100 years is his family that continues to grow.

"Another nice thing, I had the pleasure of two nice ladies in my life," he said. "And six children, I have 12 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.