LET IT RIP: 2020 Presidential race, contact tracing at restaurants and guns at polls

Between who will win the 2020 Presidential race, coronavirus contact tracing at restaurants, and even guns at Michigan polling stations, most can agree that there’s a lot going on. Today on Let it Rip, FOX 2’s Charlie Langton and his selected panel covered each topic. 

This week’s panel consisted of Former Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Political Commentator Karen Dumas. 

First up, the group discussed the 2020 Presidential Race, and where it currently stands.

According to a poll pulled from the New York Times, Former Vice President Joe Biden is beating President Trump by eight points in Michigan. While some may find these numbers to be factual, Schuette was vocal that he views them as inconsistent and inaccurate. He believes just like in 2016, President Trump will take the victory in Michigan. 

"The same people who said Trump was going to lose in 2016, airing posters and self-side experts, were wrong then and they're going to be wrong now," he said. "We're going to win Michigan and I believe Donald Trump will be re-elected as president." 

He went on to say that Southeast areas like Macomb County will play a key role in President Trump’s win in Michigan. However, in that same New York Times poll, it was revealed that 84% percent of Black voters are against the president. Could this put a damper on his chances of winning? Schuette said no, because of Michigan Senator hopeful, John James. 

“I think President Trump will get a sizeable percentage of the Black vote in Detroit, and I think John James will help as well in this whole effort,” he said. “This is like slices of a pie; we’re going to get better than people think in terms of the Black vote.”

While Dumas is still unclear of what will happen in Michigan, she does agree with Schuette when it comes to James’ potential to help President Trump bring in more Black voters. Dumas also thinks that the number of Democrats who don’t actually vote can hinder Biden’s chances of winning. 

"I do think that Democrats cannot take this Election for granted," she said. "I do know people who are out Trumping for Trump, are serious about trying to put him back in office. So for those who are against him. Whether they're for Biden or not, they need to get out and register to vote." 

On the other hand, Democrats may have an advantage that comes from early voting. While Dumas agreed with this, she said it’s all about waiting to see how everything turns out on Election night. 

For Schuette, policies from President Trump’s Administration will also be a key factory in his re-election. However, Dumas said these policies aren’t beneficial for everyone.

“Do people hate Donald Trump? I don’t like to use the word hate, but people are in dislike with Donald Trump,” Dumas said. “He’s created fear and the lack of policies he’s had to appeal to people across the board.”

Moving to the next topic - a new initiative coming from the Governor, which requires people who dine in at restaurants to provide their name and number. Officials hope this will help with contact tracing. 

While Michigan numbers are still climbing, reporting over 3,700 news cases on Saturday, Schuette views this initiative as an act that’s unconstitutional. 

“It’s a death sentence economically for the restaurant and it’s going to put hundreds and thousands of people out of work,” he said. “Unconstitutional actions cause people not to take leadership and the government seriously.”

However, Dumas responded to that statement by saying the human life is a lot more valuable than being employed. She also said this could be the beginning of the Government putting other mandatory acts in place, like a mandatory coronavirus vaccine. Shuette then said that will make things like the “China Way”, and not the America way. 

Lastly, the group discussed bringing guns to polling locations on Election Day. While Schuette and Dumas agreed that guns should not be allowed at polling sites, Schuette believes that decision should NOT come from Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. 

“She is way out of line when it comes to that,” he said. 

With Election Day just 2 days away, in their closing statements, Schuette and Dumas encouraged all Michiganders to get out and vote.