Let it Rip Preview: Who will win this Presidential race, President Trump or Former VP Biden?

With Election Day just three days away, some may be wondering if President Trump has what it takes to get re-elected, or will Former Vice President, Joe Biden, take the win. 

Today during a pre-recorded Let it Rip, FOX 2's Charlie Langton sat down with Former Attorney General Bill Schuette and Political Commentator Karen Dumas to get their educated opinions on the topic.

While the two touched on where the presidential race currently stands, there was a discussion about some statistics released by the New York Times, which show that Biden is leading in Michigan by eight points. However, Schuette said those projected numbers aren't always accurate. 

"The same people who said Trump was going to lose in 2016, airing posters and self-side experts, were wrong then and they're going to be wrong now," he said. "We're going to win Michigan and I believe Donald Trump will be re-elected as president." 

Schuette went on to say that he believes Macomb County will play a huge part in President Trump's victory in Michigan. On the other hand, Dumas expressed how she is still unclear who will win, but she does think those who support President Trump may sometime take voting more serious than Democrats. 

"I do think that Democrats cannot take this Election for granted," she said. "I do know people who are out Trumping for Trump, are serious about trying to put him back in office. So for those who are against him. Whether they're for Biden or not, they need to get out and register to vote." 

To see the full discussion, be sure to tune into Let it Rip tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.