Let it Rip: Was there election fraud in Detroit?

With Former Vice President, Joe Biden, being named the new president-elect after the 2020 Election, some are questioning if ballots were tampered with - to favor the Democratic Party. 

These allegations originally came from President Donald Trump, when he called out cities like Philadelphia and Detroit for unconfirmed fraudulent behavior while counting ballots. 

This week on Let it Rip Weekend, FOX 2’s Charlie Langton sat down with a panel to ask a simple question that many are curious about - was there fraud in this election, and could some of that fraud have happened right here in the city of Detroit.?

The power panel consisted of Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, newly-elected Congresswoman Lisa McClain, Detroit Attorney Lawrence Garcia and Attorney Katherine Henry. 

The conversation started with Dingell expressing her excitement and enthusiasm that stems from Biden’s victory. 

“It was sort of an amazing thing,” Dingell said. “A moment that will be remembered.”

And while McClain represents the Republican Party, she saluted Biden on his effort to unite the country, instead of bringing division to it. 

“We are the greatest nation in the world, let’s build and be strong on what we agree on,” 

As the conversation between the two congresswomen progressed, both agreed that they DO NOT believe there was any fraudulent activity happening as ballots were being counted. 

McClain explained how it is so important to trust the process, integrity and morals of the poll workers - especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

“As Americans, we need to trust the process,” she said. “Believe that the process is fair, honest and transparent.”

Dingell agreed and expressed how this can add more division to the county. 

“These allegations are being said to attack the character and confidence of the election process, and I’m not okay with that,” Dingell said. 

Moving to the second half of the show, Garcia and Henry made their appearances. While Garcia agreed with Dingell and McClain that there was no evidence of fraud, Henry had a different opinion. 

“There was actually a lot of fraud,” Henry said. “I’ve been able to speak to a lot of Republican poll challengers - who were not allowed to be inside of the location.”

Henry went on to say that some poll challengers accused poll workers of bringing in boxes of “rejected” ballots after the Military ballots were counted. She said this was problematic because the Military ballots were supposed to be counted last. 

Garcia responded by saying there was no way this could have happened because there was a large Republican representation at the location - that representation was made up of 134 Republicans. 

Henry also accused the poll workers of covering up their glass windows with cardboard paper as ballots were being could. Garcia said this was done because the poll workers felt like they were being “harassed.”

In the future, Henry hopes there will be better guidelines set in place to make sure ethics are present in the election process. 

Garcia hopes people would just trust the process and stop antagonizing Detroit. 

“We got a good process and we need to trust the process,” he said. “Please don’t be sore losers and please don’t pick on the people of Detroit.”