Lions great Lomas Brown shares family's experience with Covid as spokesman for Oakland County campaign

An updated public awareness campaign launched Tuesday in Oakland County making its goal clear: "The only way to beat it, is to face it."

"We are all tired of this virus but this virus is not tired of us yet," said County Executive Dave Coulter.

"Mask up, something as simple as putting a mask on can save a lot of lives," said Lomas Brown, former Lions great and team color commenter on radio broadcasts.

Brown is one of the spokespeople for the campaign. He talked about how a number of his family members were impacted by COVID-19 including his daughter - who thought she might not survive. 

"I just remember getting a phone call from my daughter and she said 'Daddy I sat down and started writing a letter to kids.' Because she said she felt that bad."

The campaign uses messages like "In this case... winning is everything."  It's a message that hit home for Oakland County Commissioner  Michael Spisz who won his battle against COVID-19.

Lomas Brown

The campaign also offers advice on ways to stay safe with ideas suggesting virtual gatherings for the holidays. 

But the key of this $200,000  awareness campaign financed by CARES Act money is not to sound like a government mandate 

"We are here to encourage a community effort to battle the virus," said Spisz. "And start to bring back our economy."

This awareness campaign will also help to fight misconceptions about the coronavirus vaccine. If everyone gets on board, officials believe the numbers can come down again.

"We have it within our power to stop the spread of this virus if we do what we need to do," Coulter said.

Oakland County Exec David Coulter