LIVE AT 1:30: Michigan Gov. Whitmer introduces bipartisan legislation

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will hold a press conference Tuesday to discuss legislative moves made at the state government.

Fresh off a brutal presidential election that saw few changes at the congressional and state level in terms of representation, Whitmer will likely face a similar majority in both sides of the legislature. 

FOX 2 will stream the press conference on our Facebook and in the live player below.

Whitmer will be joined by several state leaders, including senators, representatives, as well as department heads from Michigan's licensing and regulatory agency and two of the state's veteran agencies.

With little change in representation in Michigan's legislature, local GOP leaders and Whitmer will forced to work with each other to pass laws for at least the next two years.

However, the relationship between the two groups has grown icy as the COVID-19 pandemic has prolonged and both parties have increasingly worked against each other. Since the State Supreme Court's ruling that overturned the emergency powers act that Whitmer used to deploy executive orders, neither side has compromised on much else.