Gov. Whitmer vetoes bill that would overturn ban on baiting deer

Gov. Whitmer has voted legislation that would have overturned Michigan's ban on bating deer or elk. While the restriction is used to reduce the spread of animal diseases, the bill's sponsor said the regulation pushed hunters away from the sport.

Trial starts Tuesday for Michigan lawmaker accused of selling his vote for cash

A Michigan lawmaker accused of trying to trade his vote on legislation for campaign cash is facing trial in federal court. State Rep. Larry Inman's trial begins Tuesday in Grand Rapids, where he faces up to 30 years if convicted. Charged with allegedly soliciting a bribe, extortion and lying to the FBI, the lawmaker is believed to have tried selling his vote on Michigan's prevailing wage law in 2018.

Michigan's newest proposed road solution would give cities, counties control, and it has bipartisan support

A new package of bills introduced at the legislature is taking a different avenue to fixing Michigan’s deteriorating roads - and it has nothing to do with raising the state’s taxes. Instead, more than a dozen proposals and bills introduced by the members of the state’s transportation committee would free up Michigan’s local governments to collect their own gas and registration taxes that would go directly to roads managed by those bodies.

Want to redraw Michigan district boundaries? Here's how to apply

Last November, voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of proposition 2, Voters Not Politicians. The ballot initiative was directed at curbing partisan gerrymandering, the process of lawmakers redrawing district lines that benefits a certain political party. Lawmakers redraw district lines after every census, which takes place every 10 years. However, Michigan's doing it a little bit differently this time. Instead, 13 randomly-selected residents from Michigan will be responsible for drawing those boundary lines.

Senate GOP frustrated with governor over Whitmer's 147 vetoes of budget

The GOP's budget differences with the governor were laid bare Wednesday following Whitmer's veto of 147 items from the legislature's proposed budget. After cutting more than a billion dollars from the proposal, there's chatter in Lansing that that money could be sent back to taxpayers.