Livonia man charged for road rage punch on Plymouth Road

A Livonia man is facing a misdemeanor charge after police say he punched another driver in the face during a traffic altercation. 

Police say a witness recorded video of the road rage and got the suspect's license plate and turned it into police. 

Livonia police say this happened July 18 along Plymouth Road. The witness's video begins mid-encounter, and the suspect can be seen on video trying to drag the other driver out of his red truck. When that failed, he's seen yanking off one of the other driver's shoes - and throws it across Plymouth Road. Then he gets back into his own truck and drives off. 

Police were able to identify the suspect as 47-year-old David Brown and arrest him. 

He's facing a misdemeanor charge of assault and battery. He's due in court again on September 3. 

Police didn't say what caused the road rage or if the victim was seriously hurt.