Livonia tailor gets probation for groping customers during fittings

A Livonia tailor was sentenced to probation Monday for groping men during fittings at his shop.

Mohammed Wazni, 58, was accused of sexually assaulting numerous men as he fitted them for work uniforms at Allie Brothers of Livonia, where they specialize in tailoring for law enforcement, the military and postal workers. 

Two of the victims confronted Wazni in court Monday.

Livonia tailor accused of touching postal workers during uniform fittings

"You go in there as a grown man - never in my life would I think that you'd be violated like that," one man said. "It will sit with me forever."

"I've learned that sexual predators can be anywhere. They do not fit a stereotype. Victims are not just children or women or people under the influence or in a dark alley at night," another said.

The men told the court they've been laughed at for being victims of sexual assault, while the judge told them they have nothing to be ashamed of.

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"They should know that they did the right thing by reporting this to law enforcement," said 3rd Circuit Court Judge Shannon Walker.

Wazni was sentenced to five years probation with six months on house arrest and he must register as a sex offender.

"My client is under the care of a psychologist at this point in time and we do expect there will be rehabilitation in this case," said attorney David Cripps.

Wazni, who was accompanied by an interpreter, did not address the court but his victims, who will remain nameless, had plenty to say:

Tailor charged in seven new cases of inappropriately touching workers during fittings

"Never did I think as a grown man I would be taken advantage of. To leave victims humiliated, dumbfounded and shocked - perhaps he hoped that those feelings would keep the victims from reporting his actions but this time he was wrong."

"Predators can strike anywhere - broad daylight - in a public place, while being employed and working."

"My hope is that victims of all ages and gender speak out and report these crimes."