Local Catholics unite in prayer for international Rosary Coast to Coast

In Catholic churches all over the world, parishioners gathered Sunday for the Rosary Coast to Coast Program. 

The annual event took place simultaneously in 50 cities across the globe. 

"Just being able to speak out faith into the public, has been absolutely incredible," said Parishioner Kendall Taveggia. 

 It started at Old St. Mary's Church in Detroit, then they walked in union through the streets of Greektown. 

 "I've never really been part of an experience like this," said Parishioner Joe Taveggia. "To see everybody come together for the same cause, peace and happiness. That's what the world needs right now."

During a global pandemic, civil unrest, the upcoming presidential election, it's a time where many people are losing faith, and wondering what the future holds. 

"And I think that's why so many of us have come out today, is to build the hope, build that happiness and  make it whole," said Parishioner Mackey White 

And there's a sense of comfort, a sense of peace and a sense of hope. 

 "To have that common faith means so much to me, we're all in this together," said Parishioner Carolyn Tuski.