Local retailers at Cadillac Square have an edge this holiday season with supply chain chaos

Between a supply chain shortage and the highest inflation expectation in 30 years, retail experts have said expect the unexpected when shopping at some big box mainstays.

Detroit small business owners at the Cadillac Square Market place hope they might have an edge this holiday season.

"As you come and check out the vendors, I believe there’s a little bit for everybody – every price point. that was part of our thinking as well," said JJ Velez, Rocket Community Fund.

This holiday slice of Downtown Detroit is lined with local vendors eager to make a sale - and a connection.

Yvonne Spampinato runs Kept Jewelry.

"The excitement level for me is pretty high,"said Yvonne Spampinato.

She took a hit during the pandemic, but online sales, and the homemaker craft community, kept her afloat.  This is her first brick-and-mortar pop-up stand.

"I really try to keep my prices honest and fair," she said.

"What I hope is that people shop local and shop small. It causes your money to circulate in the community," said Jerome McMillian.

Here’s what McMillian is talking about: for every $100 spent at a locally-owned store, $68 of it stays in the community. When you spend the same amount at a national chain, only $43 dollars remains.

McMillian runs New Millenium Book Store. The long-time owner says bringing his items to places like the marketplace is the best way to make sales.

"We try to maintain reasonable prices, offer value for your purchase," he said. "We know that peoples’ monies have not been quite as plentiful as they were."

Cadillac Marketplace will be open through New Year's Eve. A chance to buy gifts for the family and help a neighbor make ends meet. 

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