Lt. Gov. Gilchrist, Oakland Co GOP chair give reactions to first presidential debate

Chaotic, rancorous, and embarrassing were some of the reactions from the first 2020 presidential debate. FOX 2 spoke to both sides of the political aisle to see what their take was.

"If someone's telling a blatant lie about you or getting out there and telling a half-truth don't you want to correct it," said Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski, GOP Oakland County chair. 

"Donald Trump is a pathological, consistent and unapologetic liar," said Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist. "He lies, lies, and lies. I've called him a volcano of lies."

FOX 2: "Both men resorted to name-calling. At one point Joe Biden called the president a clown. Is that the kind of rhetoric Americans should be proud of?"

"The President has behaved like a clown, he has behaved immaturely and hasn't shown the decency we would expect of a modern president," Gilchrist said. "So (Biden) had to respond by telling the truth." 

"It was chaotic," Raczkowski said. "And anybody that watched it, if you are going to be honest, you are going to say it was chaotic. I am not sure the messages came across. 

"The strategy was to show how weak the Vice President is, as a candidate."

The moment that may have generated the most headlines was when Trump was asked to denounce white supremacy. 

"The President denounced white supremacists," Raczkowski said.

FOX 2: "Would you consider what the president said yesterday a denouncement of The Proud Boys/white supremacists and white nationalists?"

"Well The Proud Boys are not white supremacists," Raczkowski said. "I am not here to defend The Proud Boys, I am not a member, nor are we members of Proud Boys, but they are not white supremacists. We are not supportive of any white supremacist organization."

Some are wondering after the theatrics of last night if there would be anything to be gleaned from a second debate. Gilchrist says yes.

"There is always a benefit from being able to speak directly to a camera or people in person," he said. "Yeah, I think that makes sense."

FOX 2: "Would the President participate in the next debate?"

"Absolutely," Raczkowski said. "I think (Trump) will be more prepared than ever."