Lucid Motors makes $10 million investment in Michigan with Southfield hub

Lucid Motors was born in California, with manufacturing in Arizona - and now expanding to Michigan.

The company announced on Tuesday, it will build a hub in Southfield for hardware engineering and research and development.

"We want to track the best talent out there. and as we looked at those studies for hardware, engineers in particular, there’s no place like Michigan," said Gale Halsey, vice president, Lucid.

Halsey says their Southfield teams will help production of its three-row gravity SUV and mid-size vehicle. The company’s mission is to appeal to all-buyer demographics - that’s easier said than done.

Anderson Economic Group’s most recent study shows gas-powered vehicles are still more economical than electric. It makes for another challenge for EV automakers is maintaining jobs.

Last week, Rivian slashed positions after not reaching production expectations.

FOX 2: "We’ve seen the challenges. How does a company like Lucid navigate through them?"

"It’s all about when a company is starting, you have to make a capital investment," she said. "Lucid hasn’t been around like some of the other start-ups out there, so we are making investments in the future."

"It’s a great day for Michigan. It’s a great day for the Detroit region to have a company like Lucid Motors," said Josh Hundt, senior project marketing advisor, Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

The MEDC says the state’s partnership with Lucid Motors works because it’s a company focused on mobility, advanced manufacturing, and clean energy.

"We are building a long-term partnership and relationship with them, so that as they continue to grow in Michigan, they can grow right alongside the growing mobility industry here in the state," said Hundt.

FOX 2: "Lucid Motors is a startup. What can the MEDC do to give them the tools to succeed?"

"The first thing that’s great about them locating in Michigan is that  they are already in a mature environment of wonderful automotive mobility and advanced manufacturing companies throughout the state."

Lucid’s $10 million investment in Michigan will help create more than 250 jobs.  Some of which are filled now.