Lyft driver carjacked, chased by suspects in Detroit

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A Lyft driver going on a run in Detroit was carjacked by the person who ordered the ride just before 3 a.m. last Sunday.

"They sat in the back seat, I looked at them and noticed I might have to ask them for their age they might be under 18," the driver said. "Due to state regulations I can't pick up minors." 

The victim does not want to be identified, but he tried contacting Lyft via an app to get clearance to transport the passengers. The driver says his passengers seemed uneasy.

"They said okay let us get out of the vehicle, I told them okay, the vehicle is open, you can go out anytime you want," he said. "Two of them get out of the car.

"The guy behind me said get out of the vehicle I need your car now. I told him I want to work, don't do that. He said look I have a gun. I looked and he had a gun pointed at me."

The victim says after he was carjacked he ran for help and that's when he says he was being pursued by the suspects.

But when the driver ran to the first house no one answered, so he pretended to talk to someone inside. 

"I was saying things like yes ma'am, call 911, you can see them on your camera," he said.

The victim says the suspects decided to go another way and that's when he went to another house and found help.

"An older gentleman opened the door and I said please call 911," he said.

The suspects are still on the run but the victim says his car was located this week and police are searching it for evidence.

Fox 2 reached out to the company and are still waiting for a response. But the victim says does not know if he will work for Lyft again.

"I wish Lyft could provide more safety and security for your drivers," he said. "So things like this can't happen to other drivers."