Mackinac Policy Conference: 3 topics leaders will discuss during annual meeting

The annual retreat of policy wonks, business leaders, political figures, and everyone in between kicks off Wednesday at Mackinac Island.

The Mackinac Policy Conference offers a good window into the issues that state leaders want to tackle over the next year, giving residents a gauge as to what many see as the top priorities for Michigan. 

Top of the list is the state's priority list is its population loss. Over the past few weeks, several reports showing declines in growth among its residents, as well as a lack of interest among its young people to move to the state, have bubbled to the top of the news cycle.

If Michigan can't increase the number of people moving to the state, it will have big implications for its ability to build industry, grow its tax base, and sell the state as a place to move to. Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to focus on how to retain talent at the state.

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Other issues on the docket include Mayor Mike Duggan's plan to roll out a new property tax system based not on infrastructure but on land. 

Macomb County is also expected to discuss a mental health project that incorporates police doing an assessment after an arrest.

FOX 2's Charlie Langton will have more from the scrum later today and this week.