Macomb County corruption scandal adds 15th name

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Federal investigators added a 15th name to their list involved in a Macomb County corruption scandal.

The latest is long-time county public servant James Pistilli who is accused of conspiring to bribe another public official.

The feds just charged Pistilli with conspiring to bribe a public official to support a contract in Washington Township.

Pistilli was a long-time engineer for the Macomb County Public Works Commission until he retired in 2012.

Two years later according to the feds, James Pistilli worked with Paul Modi to help an unnamed business person seeking a contract with Washington Township.

If the name Modi sounds familiar, it's probably because the feds charged him with bribery earlier this year with trying to bribe a Washington Township official.

Both Pistilli and Modi were charged in informations - that's a way the feds use to charge people who generally do not intend to fight the charges against them.

Just because they have agreed to plea does not mean they are cooperating, but if they are working with investigators more names could be added to the corruption list.