Macomb County Deputy expected to be okay after injury in crash during high speed chase

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An SUV T-bones a Macomb County Sheriff Deputy’s squad car Saturday morning. The incident happened around 8:45 on Gratiot, on the Clinton Township/Mt Clemens boarder. 

At the same time, the Deputy was involved in a high speed chase. 

Steven Losada witnessed the crash and called 911. 

"Once that happened I parked my truck and I ran down there to help the officer until emergency workers got there," Losada said.

“I talked to the officer initially to make sure he was ok because he was pinned in the seat, he had a pocket knife in his pocket so he asked us to cut the seat belt,” he said.

“He was conscious but barely, he was he really confused with what was going on but coherent enough to talk,” Losada said.

Meanwhile the high-speed chase that prompted all this, law enforcement was chasing a 31 year old man from Texas for failing to stop during a traffic stop. After going through several cities he was apprehended during a foot chase and arrested.  

The Sheriff Deputy is expected to be okay, and the people in the other vehicle were not hurt.