Macomb County Sheriff's Office 911 call system experiencing issues

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office is experiencing difficulty with the 911 call system Tuesday night. 

According to Sgt. Renee Yax, the office is receiving 911 calls, a few sporadic calls are coming in on the administrative phone lines. In a release she said the issue appears to be with cellular carriers and we are working to have the issue corrected.

According to a release, when a citizen calls into 911, their call is routed to an administrative line instead of the 911 line. The 911 line is what populates all of the caller’s information. 

With 911 temporarily being answered on an administrative line, the dispatcher might not automatically know the caller’s location. It is highly important that caller’s give their location upon speaking with a 911 dispatcher.

"Our dispatcher’s will continue to answer all calls that come into the Sheriff’s Office and dispatch emergency services as necessary," the release said. "At this time, we believe the issue is local. If you do experience a time where you are unable to get through to 911, please contact us at 586-469-5502."